Dress to Impress on a Rainy Day

Dress to Impress on a Rainy Day

Rainy days bring a  lazy feeling sometimes. You just want to stay on bed, snuggle on your warm sheets, stay at home the entire day, and enjoy a warm cup of your favorite coffee.

It is inevitable that you have to get up and go to work, attend school, or do your daily tasks. Obviously when you start your day, your outfit should not be as gloomy as the weather.

Choose the right fabric and color.

Avoid wearing light colored fabrics. Wear something dark or printed to conceal water and mud marks.

Opt for bottoms that are lightweight, easy to dry, and comfy like spandex leggings, skinny jeans, soft denim, or polyester trousers.

A pop of color on your outfit can brighten up the gloomy and lazy rainy day.

Wear water repellent jackets or windbreakers that can still keep you warm even when wet. A longer one is more advantageous due to full body coverage.

Going out to do the errands? You may wear a walking shorts and shirt or a short casual dress underneath a lightweight jacket to clean up mud traces on your legs easily.

Don’t bring too bulky or heavy bags or paraphernalia. They add stress when you commute or walk on the rain. Just bring things that you really need. The key is thinking of maximizing functionality.

Minimize your accessories. Don’t wear too chunky jewelries. Focus on the essentials that can keep you looking neat and fresh the entire day despite the rain.

Keep your makeup and hairstyle simple.

So hurry up and get your outfits for a gloomy or a cloudy rainy day.


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